Wealthy Affiliate Success: The Law of Economy

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Wealthy Affiliate Success:   

The Law of Economy is a spiritual law that you rarely hear about.  It means that everything we do is the best we can possibly do in the most efficient way possible.  We look for the best action we can take in the least amount of time that leads to a productive result.  Whatever we do today will be the best we can do today.  Tomorrow we will do even better.



Wealthy Affiliate Success: Law of EconomyObserving the Law of Economy


The Law of Economy says that we pay for everything we get, on every level.  We can say that the world economy has not been operating on the Law of Economy.  The many countries of the world that do not follow this law, do not understand that sooner or later, they must pay their debt.  Since a country lasts many years, sometimes it is much later, so they think they got a free ride.  It is the same with humans.  The Law of Cause and Effect is a part of it.



Wealthy Affiliate Success: Law of EconomyRecognizing the Law of Economy in Ourselves


Recognizing the weaknesses in systems in the world will help us recognize them in ourselves and others.  If we see a trait in someone else, we may observe it in ourselves also.  We can then adjust our methods of dealing with ourselves and others.

As a child we had our needs met, hopefully.  As we grew up, we gained freedom of choice and may have developed patterns early on that were wasteful in any number of ways.  Many people waste enormous amounts of food, I have noticed, as a daily habit.  For instance, they refuse to eat left-overs.  Perhaps they order or put too much food on their plate, both at home and in restaurants, on a regular basis, which is very common.  This is one small example of how we form habits that seem unimportant, but those wasteful habits follow us into business, relationships, and all areas of life.



images (70)Working with the Law of Economy


You want to get the most out of everything you do.  Many times, especially when overwhelmed, we tend to spend our energy, money, and resources in scattered directions.  This actually wastes our forces and diffuses all that was put into it.  We may wonder what is not right here??!  We feel it but it is not easily recognized if this is a habit pattern that may have been with us a long time.  Perhaps we do this same thing every time we start a new project, or a new job, or anything new.  It is always there, in everything we do.  Recognizing these habits is vital so we can take steps to adjust them, thereby ensuring our success.  How do we use all our forces wisely and economically.                                                                      


Wealthy AffiliateThe Law of Economy Applied to Wealthy Affiliate                                                          

Wealthy Affiliate is the epitome of economy.  All our training, resources, advice and support are wisely converged under one umbrella, offering us the simplest, most concise, direct knowledge available anywhere to begin our own business.  When you join Wealthy Affiliate, pick a goal, work toward it with a focus, and any departure from it should be seriously considered.  Aim high, spend your energy, time, and thought wisely, always with the idea of making your way directly thru to your goal in the most expedient way.  Look for the shortest, smartest use of your time, thought, and energy, and you will be in harmony with, and following the Law of Economy.   Within each lesson in life there is a seed that will reveal the next step to take in your life.  Is your next step Wealthy Affiliate Success?


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