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Diet Pepsi Now With Chlorinated Splenda

Pepsi has recently announced that they will be replacing aspartame with Splenda, alias sucralose, which I have written about on this site.  They claim the reason is consumer demand, citing the alleged dangers and side effects of aspartame.  The latest news reports people want their aspartame back?  Really?  Picky about our poisons aren’t we?   One Man’s Poison   One man’s poison is another man’s poison when it comes to replacing aspartame with sucralose (Splenda).  It would appear that diet

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The Architect of Aspartame

Let’s begin the Aspartame saga with how it was astonishingly and surreptitiously allowed to become available to endanger the world with it’s horrific effects.  Remember NutriSweet?  What happened to it?  As the dangers became known, it was necessary to change the name to the generic aspartame, which really needs no capitalizing but it has morphed into it.  That is the norm when the public catches on, such as Splenda having chlorine in it and changing to the generic sucralose.  Beware of

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