Microwave Ovens and You

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Controversy is often born when facts interfere with people’s desires.  Microwave ovens appear to fit well into this category.  It is clear which of these has won.  What is rarely discussed in all these years, is how they came about.  It is quite shocking, so let’s take a look: 


Who Invented Microwave Ovens?


Controversy is alive and well even regarding how microwaves came into existence.  Most common is  the reporting of the inventor as Percy Spencer in 1946. He was the first to patent it.  However, the Nazis developed the microwave “radiomissor” cooking oven to produce meals on a mass scale during the invasion of Russia.  This scientific information and even some ovens were brought to the US War Department after the war for “further scientific investigation”.  The Russians obtained some of the ovens, and after extensive research banned them.  Other European scientists issued warnings against their use as well.  Obviously, these studies were ignored here.


Popularity of Microwave Ovens


I first learned the truth about microwaves from Ph.D. Lita Lee’s book, Radiation Protection Manual years ago.  Having an ominous ‘gut’ feeling requiring more research, I ultimately have never used a microwave oven, and still don’t to this day. Dining out does present a problem that cannot be avoided but at least it is only occasionally.  I once read that by the year 2000 there would be a new disease caused by these ovens:  starvation.  If you understand how the body works, you will know that much obesity is caused by starvation. Let that sink in.  Much obesity is caused by starvation.  This is counter intuitive, I know, but if the food you eat is dead, your body signals for more nutrition, you feed it more dead food, and it stores the unusable garbage as fat. 

Since then, I watched in amazement over the years, shocked that instead of the truth causing microwave ovens to disappear from the public, they grew more popular every day!  Otherwise intelligent people en mass fell for the hype and temptation of quick food, jeopardizing their health and their family’s as well.  No one would produce and sell a dangerous cooking device…….would they??  

Ironically, the more you use it, the more dumbed down you get!! But for most the convenience was just too hard to resist, even sacrificing taste!  Over all these years, no one I talked to wanted to even search online.  In fact, when I work with people as a caregiver I must hide the fact that I don’t use them so as not to be labeled strange.  Because these people no longer use their stove, and find it peculiar if I want to, I cannot heat any food while working, even water, so I eat many foods cold instead of informing people that I don’t use them.  That way I avoid all the comments and questions.  The irony is that I must use them to cook for my clients anyway. 


What Microwave Ovens do to Cholesterol


The only way to tell if microwaving is dangerous is to look at what it does to the body.  Microwave food elevates the cholesterol levels in the blood in a dramatic way.  How is this possible?  We already know from much research that while the body uses cholesterol in many necessary functions,  the body only increases cholesterol levels as a lifesaving measure.  It is activated by stress, so the logical treatment would be to find the stressor.  This leads to the obvious fact that blood cholesterol has nothing to do with the cholesterol content of the foods consumed, but rather with the amount of STRESS caused by these types of food.    The body goes to great lengths to protect us.  We have to go back to the way the blood reacts to the microwave energy that is forced into the food while cooking.   It has been proven in tests that it is actually transmitted into the food.  When you shut it off, they tell you to ‘let it sit’ a certain length of time.  Why is that?  They know it will be radiating down your throat as you eat it.  That’s why.  At the same time the food value is zapped right out. Now you may see a cause and effect result here when you look at the #1 drug in America, which just happens to be Lipitor.  Hmm!


Some of the Dangers of Microwave Ovens


1) Super heated water, 2) minerals in vegetables are altered to free radicals, 3) brain damage by shorting out electrical impulses in the brain, 4) male and female hormone production shut down, 5) little or no benefit from nutrients, 6) cannot metabolize by-products, 7) immune system deficiencies, 8) loss of memory, concentration, emotional stability, decrease of intelligence, 9)  changes in cells of human blood, 10) deficiency of Vitamin B-12, 11) kills important enzymes in breast milk, 12) causes immune system deficiencies thru lymph gland alterations.  This is just a short list as there are many more and much research today is available.  Look around you, your family, and friends and connect the dots.  This is only one insidiously debilitating factor related to the deplorable state of our so-called health today.  As I said, if we eat out, we are subjected to the use of these ovens, like it or not.  Are you willing to continue using this dangerous appliance?  Do you believe the ‘official’ reports of safety by ‘experts’?  Isn’t it about time we think?  While we still have brains that are not completely ‘cooked’?


marketing of a myth-SSRI drugs

After all these years, we can still change our habits.  There must be a common denominator that millions of people are doing that causes a commonality in ailments.  You can test it yourself.  Stop using it for a month or so, and see how you feel.  Of course you will have to take time to prepare your food.  There are other fast ways that actually give you nutrients.  And your body may be in shock from suddenly being fed nutrients!!  Aren’t you curious?  And wouldn’t it be great if you saved yourself from being a statistic??


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