Grounds for Drinking Coffee


There are many grounds for drinking coffee today as well as reasons why we should stop drinking coffee or never even start if we have not already become addicted.  

 Perhaps there are some who enjoy an occasional cup and are truly not addicted.  I have never been one of those.  I started very young with my Mother giving me coffee with a lot of sugar and cream.  Back then it all tasted so delicious and I have never been able to duplicate it.  She made it in the glass percolator and it was heavenly to a child.  I have never stopped.  It still tastes good even tho it will never match hers.  Being realistic, I began to look for a way to drink healthier coffee while attempting to cut back and eventually quit.  I needed a Segway.  I believe I found one!  Let’s take a look at both sides of the coffee conundrum.  There is hope!


grounds for drinking coffee Why not drink coffee?


As you may know by now, there are many well documented reasons that coffee is not good for you everywhere you look.  So I researched in depth the pros and cons.   Let’s see:  adrenal exhaustion, blood sugar swings, gastrointestinal problems, heart problems, nutritional deficiencies, hormone problems, aging, and oh, yes, STRESS!  We could go into detail on each of these valid concerns, but my goal is to share options here. 
However, just a few more facts that are crucial to know: one cup of coffee takes 17 cups of water to neutralize the acidity and 2 cups to offset dehydration!  Please take note of this, as they are the most powerful effects thereby causing a cascade of the above results. 
Since coffee is the #1 drink in America, a 90 billion dollar industry, researchers have been frantically looking for ways to make coffee healthier and more nutritious.  There are a few great new ways that you may be unaware of.



grounds for drinking coffeeIntroducing the coffee berry



While we all know about the coffee bean, very few are aware that it comes from a fruit that produces the bean.  It is a brightly colored red color.  Usually discarded after extracting the bean, as it has always deteriorated quickly, we did not have the beneficial antioxidants and other powerful nutrients available to us. 
As with all research, now a patent-pending technology has been developed that preserves the whole coffee fruit.  This has also been done with Aloe Vera.  So now we know about the phytochemicals found in the coffee berry and they have been studied in detail.
Two of the primary nutrients are chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid.  These benefit the blood sugar, reduce cholesterol oxidation, help with free radical elimination, and even have cardiovascular benefits.  Others are proanthocyanadins (also in pine bark and pycnogenol), quinic acid, and ferulic acid.  So far the coffee berry is sold as capsules or powder.  There is even a coffee berry tea available now.  Worth checking into for the benefits but not the taste.



grounds for drinking coffee

And now:  healthy and delicious Reishi coffee



At last we have a healthy delicious instant coffee that is truly good for you! 
It has all the benefits of coffee with many added benefits of the Reishi mushroom.  The negative effects have been neutralized, even the acidity.  The ganoderma lucidium dates back more than 4,000 years.  It gave more vigor and energy, while reducing fatigue.  Ganoderma is said to be more powerful than Ginseng.  It rejuvenates at the cell level.  It really promotes a feeling of being young and alert.  Ganoderma supports and modulates the immune system.  You sleep better, and all performance is improved.  
This, as well as several other edible mushrooms has been researched abundantly in the last 50 years by Asian countries and they claim reductions in blood pressure, increases in antioxidant properties, enhancement of the immune system, anti-HIV properties, cancer therapy and more.  (Chen and Miles, 1996).  
Now, I know that a mushroom does not sound appetizing in coffee, but before you toss it out, you must taste it.  It tastes like coffee, not mushroom!  No flavor of mushroom there as the ganoderma extract is used from the Reishi in most coffees.  You can, however, buy Reishi coffee as well. 
For me, the best part is that most are instant!  Some even come with cream and sugar.  One of my favorites adds African Mango and Pomegranate.   Experiment.  Try samples.  It’s fun!



marketing of a myth-SSRI drugsNow that you have had an overview and hopefully a new viewpoint on coffee, you can at least try the Ganodermana/Reishi coffees and use them to segway out of drinking coffee altogether if that is your goal.  Surprisingly, you may find, as I did, that it may not be necessary to quit as the benefits are working so well.  I love the energy without the jitters.  I was amazed at how many nutritional coffees there are.  Just find one that suits your taste.  I am sharing with you some of what I found to be the best for me.   So here’s to good cup of coffee!


Marketing of a Myth-SSRI drugs





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