Diet Pepsi Now With Chlorinated Splenda

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Pepsi has recently announced that they will be replacing aspartame with Splenda, alias sucralose, which I have written about on this site.  They claim the reason is consumer demand, citing the alleged dangers and side effects of aspartame.  The latest news reports people want their aspartame back?  Really?  Picky about our poisons aren’t we?


Splenda in PepsiOne Man’s Poison


One man’s poison is another man’s poison when it comes to replacing aspartame with sucralose (Splenda).  It would appear that diet soda was created to reduce the weight gaining effects of sugary sodas, when in reality it was a much different and sinister agenda.  This is finally catching up with aspartame.  While NutraSweet is no longer mentioned, or even Equal, and Monsanto was forced to change the name to the generic aspartame, it now, too, has become known if not for it’s intention, at least that it has been found to have really serious side effects.  It has one chemical added to it that makes it a poison, and that is chlorine.  Yes, chlorine.


splenda in PepsiThen Came Splenda


For the next generation, we were introduced to a seemingly innocent, natural, oh, so natural artificial sugar, an oximoron in it’s own right, and that was Splenda.  It, too, quickly became known for it’s side effects and was changed, as is now common, to it’s generic name, sucralose.  This sounds even less ominous, right?  It sounds like sugar.  It sounds like sucrose, and that’s just sugar, isn’t it??  What are two little letters, anyway? There is one difference.  It’s not.  It is still Splenda.  Splenda has one little chemical added to it that makes it poisonous, chlorine, as noted.  But it is worth saying again.



Pepsi adds chlorine

So now comes the decision whether  to substitute one poison for another.  The side effects are really not that different in the end.  Poison is poison.  We must clear the hypnosis that allowed us to believe mass media and think for a change.  Somehow we just don’t believe a company could possibly purposely add chemicals that are not only harmful, but ultimately, albeit slowly, deadly.  Isn’t that why we don’t bother to read labels?  Go with your gut……..while you still have it intact.  Oh, and a brain you can still think with!

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