Acid reflux meds causing kidney damage

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It is finally becoming public that one of the most dangerous drugs prescribed like candy to far more people than even the statistics say, has been found to cause kidney damage according to a study just released April 14, 2016 by The Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. This is a long overdue spotlight on this horrendous type of medication that has been misused from the beginning, and it is most welcome to see in hopes of saving millions of lives here.  It seems that not only do the medical doctors not understand the chemistry of the human body and how it works when blocked in it’s natural ability and necessity to create hydrochloric acid, they have continued to ignore the warnings and instructions on the labels themselves which tell you to only take these meds for a limited time, usually 6 weeks as a temporary relief while looking for the cause since they are unaware that the cause of acid reflux is a LACK of hydrochloric acid. For this reason, don’t depend on your physician telling you what the label states.  Read it yourself.  You may be surprised to find that if you ask why you are on this med so long when it clearly says not to take it longer than 6 weeks, he/she will completely disregard it.  The reason makers limited it’s use was because they knew it does so much damage and is dangerous.  With this particular line of meds, which work the opposite of what your body requires for acid reflux, and because they do, it is vital to your health, that you do follow the instructions, unless they have changed them to ‘protect the innocent’.  Some people are on these for years.




As mentioned in this video, there are many additional damaging effects caused by these medications.  I, as a caregiver, have watched the effects for many years now in my clients and it has been devastating.  The clients believe that they cannot live without them because the more they take the worse they get and they never realize it is the very drug itself creating an even more serious deficit in hydrochloric acid in their body.  This is the original cause in the first place, so you can imagine how much worse you will get when you already needed HCL and then stopped it from being made altogether.  It is astonishing to me that people can eat at all. Some actually can’t eat at the time they take this.  I have seen all manner of ways that a body deals with this unbeknownst to the body owner.  One of my more recent clients, 92 yrs old, was on kidney dialysis as he continued to take his medicine.  It weakened him with each dose right away.



marketing of a myth-SSRI drugsIt is about time the truth came out on this.  It has done such vast damage in so many ways that it is beyond belief.  In my profession I am not allowed to voice my opinion to my clients.  I can only do what I am hired to do.  It is very difficult to watch people who would be otherwise healthy succumb to this hype and not ever go and research for themselves what a horrendous drug this really is.  The worst part is that the medical establishment has had so little training in biochemistry that they do not even know what is taking place in the digestion.  Will you stay uninformed?

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