About Me

About Me

About Me

Welcome to a ‘road less traveled’ as I invite you on a journey to health. You can reach me through WealthyAffiliate.com. (here is a link to my profile), or leave a comment below!  It is not the main pathway that I will show you.  It is a meandering and sometimes challenging road that has many forks and many stops as you hopefully ponder my ‘food for thought’.  It will be inspiring and thought provoking. That is my goal and hopefully yours as well.

I began my journey many years ago when my own health was critically suspended in the balance in the prime of my life.  I had many mysterious ailments with no answers and was quickly heading downhill when I found a Naturopath who literally saved my life by putting me on a 30 day juice fast……..no food. (do not do without supervision) I worked 2 days/wk at the same time (running all night) and began to feel better and better despite the lack of one morsel of any food whatsoever.  My innate intelligence kept me following this course exactly as I knew it was crucial.  At the end of 30 days I was a new person, and this whet my appetite for nutrition from then on.  Having been led to one of the best natural doctors in the country, I had a mentor to learn from as I slowly recouped.  I have been a voracious learner and researcher ever since.

I began to realize that I wanted to share all that I gleaned from my research as I thought there must be many more people out there that had not chanced upon all this knowledge any more than I had.

So I kept busy raising my daughters on my own and every so often wondering how I could present all this information to the public, but attempts at online businesses were too difficult and I quit each one.  Even when a friend told me about WA, I did not act on it, frozen in fear.  I am finally finding my voice.  It was there all along as many of yours are as well.  Listen to the still, small voice as it tries to guide you in life to find your calling.  And start, just start.

So while I have been on this journey a long time, I invite you to join me for a walk on the wild side of truth and health combined.  And hang on tight……..

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